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Monday, January 18, 2010

Stubborn Girl!!

Ok, so obviously Kali didn't make her arrival this weekend like the doc thought. We had an appointment today and the first thing the doctor said when she came in was..."Where was my phone call this weekend?" I told her I wished we could have made that phone call, but didn't happen. So, first she measured me and well go figure...I am now measuring at 43 weeks. How in the heck did I go from 42 weeks on Thursday to 43 today. I made it very clear at how worried I was about this. I don't want a C-section, but the doctor informed me that it was mostly fluid and that I should be just fine. Luckily for me, I lost a pound!!!! So, for my whole pregnancy I have only gained 21 lbs!!!!!! So, she listened for Kali's hb and it was in the 140's and 150's, so all is well there. Then she did the exam and Kali's head is very low and she said she had to be very careful not to break my water. I told her that it would be okay, but she said that the main doc does not like to do that in the office...so no luck with that! I am also dialated at a 4 now, so she said that my body is ready and Kali is ready, but I am not really having many contractions. So, she said they were going to put me on the machine to track my contractions and if it showed any at all that they would send me down stairs!! Well, go figure. It doesn't show any contractions, but my back was killing me and I was cramping sooo bad, but nothin! Well, the doctor gave us a choice. We could go down to the hospital and they could start things up for us, or we could go home and wait things out. Well, we decided to give my body a little more time to try on its own. I really want my water to break on its own and let things happen a little more naturally, but we have decided that if I keep having bad pain then we will make our way into the hospital. We will just keep waiting and see what happens, but she said that she will not let me go past Thursday...so if not before then we know we will see our little one on Thursday!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Joshs Dream

So, on our way home from our quick check up with the doctor today, Josh told me about a dream he had last night. He said that he saw our little Kali. So, I had to ask what she looked like. This is what he said:

-She is beautiful
-She has dark skin (not sure where that comes from..but sounds good)
-She has dark hair
-She has a button nose
-She has full cheeks

I think that is all he said about her. Now..I can't wait to see how much of that is right!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ok Kaliana Marie....Any Time Now..Doctors Orders!!

38 Weeks!

Okay, so I have been waiting and waiting all week for our little one to join us, but the doctor was wrong!!! Kali decided it was just way to cold this week to come out, so we are still waiting (luckily it will be warmer this weekend). BUT....we had a doctors appointment today and hopefully the doc won't be wrong this time. I am currently 38 weeks, but measuring 42 weeks. This is kinda bittersweet for me. Luckily, the weight I have gained has been ALL BABY...but it looks like this baby is going to be one BIG baby..haha. Anyway, back to the appointment. Last week I was dialated at a 2/3 and now I am closer to the 3. I was a bit disappointed when finding this out, but the news got better! Her head is still really low, her heartbeat was in the 160's, and my water bag is bulging. So...even better news (as long as my doc is right this time)...she doesn't think I will make it past this weekend!!!!!! Looks like my original due date might have been right the whole time..which was the 17th! My bp is up just a little bit, so I have to go in tomorrow morning and get it checked out and they want me to stay down quite a bit and lay on the left side. Hopefully this will be the last post about being pregnant and the next will be about the birth of our little girl! Guess we will just wait and see!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

She should be here soon!!

First of all, todays weather has been horrible!! It was quite scary driving to the doc, but we made it there after 30 mins (which usually takes us 10).
So, I had a doc appt today and things are looking great! Normally they don't do an exam until 38 weeks (I am 37), but I asked that they do one and sure glad I did!! First of all, her heart beat is still in the 150's and doing well. The doc did the exam and was surprised at how low Kali's head was. She said that I am dialated 2-3cm, my cervix is very soft to where she could feel Kali's head very well and that I am thinned out quite a bit! Doc said that we should plan for her to come next week if not sooner! I am soo excited to see my little girl!
I have had 4 friends that have had their baby yesterday and today and 3 out of the 4 were due after me. At first, I was kinda bummed, but the more I think about it the more I realize how lucky I am. I want her to be ready to come and don't want to rush anything. I can't wait to see her, but I will also miss rubbing my belly and feeling her move in there.
Hmmm...the waiting process has begun!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

3 Weeks and Counting!!

Wow! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! I think it helps when things go right throughout the whole 9 months!!! It has gotten kinda rough this last week. Just not getting rest and being very uncomfortable, but oh well! I try not to complain about it to much because it will all be worth it in a few short weeks...or maybe sooner :) I am so ready for my little Kali to arrive, but I don't want her to come until she is ready.
Josh has been soo awesome during all this! I could not ask for a better husband and Kali is going to be one lucky girl!! I already know she is going to be a daddys girl and I have no problem with that. He is going to make one amazing father! He already is the best husband ever! He has taken care of me throughout everything. He is always willing and usually offers to rub my back, arms, feet, legs or whatever else is hurting (which seems to be everything). What more can a girl ask for???
Our Christmas and New Years was good! We were at my families for Christmas and then with some of Joshs Fam for New Years. We got to talk to Blake on Christmas which was awesome! He sounds amazing! Joshs sister and her family came in from AZ and we have had a good time with them! We wish they lived closer, but don't blame them for staying out there especially after all this nasty weather!!
So, back to Kali. I had an appointment on December 30, and all is well! Her heartbeat was 155! My doc is very pleased with everything! I am now going every week! So, I will have to update after my appointment on Thursday and hopefully we will recieve some goods news...but I'm not getting my hopes up....lol..okay..maybe just a little. Josh has predicted for her to arrive on the 7th, so we will see I guess. I have no problem with that at all!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

34 Weeks!

So, I am 34 weeks today and we went in for a check up. It went extremely well! I have only gained 13 pounds this whole pregnancy...yay for me!!! My doctors are so proud of me..so that makes me very happy! Kali is doing really well. Her heartbeat is still in the 150's. It has been that way from the very beginning except for one time where it was in the 140's. I am measuring 3cm bigger than I am "suppose to." Doc is not worried..just thinks we are going to have a long and possibly chunky little girl! I asked if that meant maybe I would go early..and she just laughed and said "I didn't say that, but nice try." Josh and I still think I will go early, but with our luck and hope..I won't. As long as she is healthy, I don't care one bit. I have been having a few braxton hicks contractions, but not to many and they aren't bad at all. I will still continue to say this...I really couldn't ask for a better pregnancy! Lets just hope the delivery will go just as smooth! 6 weeks and counting and I will be holding my precious little girl in my arms! I can't wait!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Love Being Pregnant...But...

So, I couldn't ask for a better pregnancy so far. I really consider this a perfect pregnancy, but its starting to get a little harder. I know I know...I am sure everyone is laughing at me right now, but I am just at the point of feeling uncomfortable and achy all the time. On Monday Nov 16 I had the "pleasure" of having my first Braxton Hicks Contractions. I wasn't in pain, but it was def. uncomfortable. I have to say, it was so funny to tell Josh these things because he freaks out!! I can't wait until I actually go into labor..just so I can hear his voice and see his face as he freaks out about it. When I told him that I thought I was having braxton hicks contractions..this was the text I got back(he was at work)....What do we do...Are you ok...Do we need to go to the hospital...should we call the doctor?? hahaha! I love my husband so much. I really think this is going to be harder on him than it will be me (not pain wise though)! We had a doctors appt on Thursday and everything is going great! I have been feeling some pressure down low quite a bit, but the doc doesn't seem to be worried..so I'm not either! Couldn't ask for more!!